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Now Through February 28th

Science Inspires Art : OCEAN NYSci

This online exhibition was created so people around the world can experience this type of contemporary art-sci work with hopes it will help the public form new perceptions of our deep connection to OCEAN — the fundamental life-force that sustains all life on our beautiful blue planet.

It was organized and co-produced by Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) as its 19th annual, juried, art-sci exhibition held at the museum.


All day

Where: Online 

Now Through March 28th

SciArt Center New York "Submerged" Live Online

Our latest virtual exhibit "SUBMERGED" is now live online!

Featuring the work of 20 international SciArt Center members, this collection of visual, sound, and video art engages water in its variety of forms.

SciArt Center members included in this exhibit: Alex Braidwood, Colleen Flanigan, David Harris, David Teeple, Joyce Yamada, Julia Krolik, Kate Schwarting, Kristin Harris, Laura Ferguson, Luke Maninov Hammond, Michael Flomen, Nina Yankowitz, Pamela Bain, Rebecca Kamen, Robyn Ellenborgen, Sandra Williams, Seana Reilly, Stephen Hilyard, Suzan Shutan, and Vicky Isley.  


All day

WHERE: Online


No upcoming events.

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