Dive & Draw In Cozumel, Mexico

March 22nd - 26th, 2020

Dive Draw and Paint under water in Cozumel | Dive and Draw 2020

You will dive, draw, paint, and help restore a coral reef!

Draw under water then transform your underwater drawings into stunning works of art!

This workshop  will be held in beautiful Cozumel, Mexico and will be facilitated by three renowned artists: 


Mark Hagan, inventor of aquaSketch and Marine Artist.    

Patti Mollica, contemporary artist, author, and instructor.  


Colleen Flanigan,  socio-ecological artist, founder of Living Sea Sculpture, and creator of  Zoe - A Living Sea Sculpture  coral restoration project in Cozumel.

Requirements: Basic dive certification. 

Prior drawing experience is not necessary.

Interested snorkelers and non-divers can participate. 

It is not exclusive to divers, although the emphasis will be on the marine environment.

🐠 A portion of the proceeds go towards coral restoration, research, and projects.

Dive & Draw 2020 Details


March 22nd

Arrival Meet & Greet

There will be a meet and greet from 5:00 - 7:00 pm 

Sunset Restaurant and Bar

Underwater drawing turned into painting wall art | dive and draw experience

March 23rd

Preparation for underwater drawing

  • Basic drawing skills for beginner through advanced students.


  • How to use the aquaSketch to draw under water. 

  • Diving techniques when drawing.


  • Use of photography for reference.

  • Use of other reference materials. 

  • Intro to Zoe - A Living Sea Sculpture, a coral restoration project.

There will be a 2-3 hour class in the provided workshop space covering how to use the aquaSketch Palette and materials underwater, safe dive procedures when drawing underwater, various drawing techniques for underwater drawing, respect for the environment and the use of color media underwater amongst other topics along with a question and answer period. 

During this first class participants will need to have a sketch book and something to draw with as we will be doing a number of drawing exercises as a "warm up" for the following day underwater. 

A supply list will be sent out to the participants in advance. 

Afternoon snorkel to cool off and explore the site where we'll be diving and drawing. 


March 24th

Ocean underwater drawing class

Prerequisite: Open water dive certification; bring your dive card. 

  • Instructor is present for instruction or guidance.

  • The aquaSketch and all other materials are provided.

  • Diving and drawing underwater at the site. 

Participants  will have private consultations and painting guidance with Mark & Pat (depending on the enrollment approximately 45 minutes per per person).

Participants that are not divers can work with Pat in the workshop on the subjects of their choice, though the emphasis will be on the marine environment. 

Participants can work from life or bring their own reference photos or use a photo that we will provide.  At the end of the day each student will be scheduled for approximately 45 minute one on one session with either Mark or Pat in the studio on the following day. 


March 25th

Painting Workshop

  • All underwater student artwork is scanned into a computer.

  • Participants receive print outs of their drawings on heavy cotton rag watercolor paper.

  • Instruction in the use of reworking the underwater drawing with various art media, i.e. watercolor, acrylic paint, pastel techniques and ceramic.

  • All art supplies, computer hardware, scanning and printing services are provided.

  • Pat and Mark will look over each participants aquaSketch drawings and, if necessary, recompose it by scanning it into Photoshop. 

  • The final composition will then be printed out on watercolor paper where the student can continue working on their underwater drawings using watercolors, acrylic paint or any of the other painting and drawing supplies. These supplies we will be provided. 

  • At the end of the day the best work of each participant will be selected for the aquaSketch Workshop Gallery Show. 


March 26th

Participants can dive with Colleen to learn more about Zoe - A Living Sea Sculpture and engage with the coral restoration project, if they like. 

This will be a Zoe experience course that includes some basic discussion about the restoration process, the corals, and working with the fragments. Participants may have the opportunity to hunt for broken and/or orphaned corals to transplant on Zoe.  

Participants can relax and enjoy the area at their leisure. Colleen may add something extra for those who just can't get enough of the coral reefs, depending on the interest of the group! 

Those who wish to keep working in the studio will have private consultations and painting guidance with Mark & Pat.

*Due to the nature of nature, some activities may need to be shuffled if weather dictates it to be so. Safety first!


March 26th Evening

The aquaSketch Workshop culminates with an informal "gallery style" reception at the Casa Del Mar hotel. Enjoy some food, sharing, and viewing the group's art to close the event.  

Requirements - Basic dive certification. Prior drawing experience is not necessary. Non-divers and snorkelers are welcome.

Workshop Price


About The Instructors


Mark Hagan

Colleen Flanigan

Colleen Flanigan

Instructor | Owner & Inventor of aquaSketch

In 1983 while working as a musician on the T.S.S. Carnivale, Mark began to sketch regularly and soon was appointed ship’s artist. Upon returning to Boston he was awarded a scholarship to study painting at The School of The Museum of Fine Arts.

After moving to New York, he studied anatomy, drawing, and painting at the Art Students League in NYC. Masters there instilled in Mark the importance of working directly from life.

An avid scuba diver and environmentalist, he has studied underwater photography with Cathy Church at Sunset House in Grand Cayman, BWI and Jim Church off the coast of Belize aboard the Aggressor III. He has also studied animal and marine anatomy with Stephen Quinn at the Museum of Natural History in NYC.

Years of experimenting to make drawing possible underwater, Mark developed the aquaSketch system and founded aquaSketch, Inc. the worlds foremost writing, drawing, and reference for all

extreme environments. aquaSketch products are now available worldwide and in constant use by the US Military, NASA and NOAA as well as Sea Shepherd, Greenpeace and other environmental organizations.

Mark’s marine paintings are derived from observations, sketches and hundreds of photos taken on the many dives he has made throughout the world in locations ranging from the China Sea off Okinawa, Puget Sound in the Pacific northwest and the Caribbean off the coasts of Cozumel Mexico, the Florida Keys , Grand Cayman and Belize.


Colleen Flanigan

Colleen Flanigan

Colleen Flanigan

Socio-Ecological Artist | Founder of Living Sea Sculpture

Through visual, performing, and biological arts, she investigates contemporary issues of species endangerment and ecosystem regeneration, specifically coral reefs. 

Her work encompasses Living Sea Sculptures, conversation-catalyzing alter egos, participatory multimedia exhibitions, and more. 

Colleen works at the intersection of art, science, technology, and the environment.

 She is the first visual artist to be certified in electrolytic mineral accretion, a method for coral reef restoration that shares many metallurgical, electrical and chemical principles with her early jewelry and sculpture, which encompassed electroforming, casting, welding, surface patinas, and mixed media fabrication. 

The first of its kind in Cozumel, Mexico, Colleen and an international, interdisciplinary team have created and maintain a DNA-inspired artificial reef sculpture. 

Zoe - A Living Sea Sculpture has become an artistic coral refuge, scientific study, and unique attraction in the MUSUBO underwater museum in Cozumel, Mexico. 

Scientists, filmmakers, environmentalists, government, tourism, divers, and others are involved with bringing this new angle to the underwater art/science institution started in 2011.


Patti Mollica

Colleen Flanigan

Patti Mollica

Artist, Author, Instructor | Owner of Mollica Studio, NY

Patti delights in painting the world around her in a bold, confident style, with hues that are vibrant, energetic and contemporary. Her work is known for its fearless use of color and expressive brushwork, while still blending a delicate balance between impressionism, abstraction and realism. 

Patti has been commissioned by, and is included in the private collections of American Express, Sheraton Hotels, CBS & RCA Records, Penguin Press and many others. 

She is a Certified Teacher for Golden Paints and conducts workshops throughout the U.S., covering topics such as “Innovative Acrylic Techniques using Golden Paints”, as well as “How to Paint Fast, Loose and Bold”.

Patti’s original artwork is represented in several galleries throughout the US. 

Published prints and posters can be found in retail chains worldwide. She is the author of 4 Books,  "How to Paint Fast, Loose and Bold", “Modern Acrylics “, “Color Theory”, and “Acrylics - Getting Started”, as well as 3 instructional painting DVD’s, “Value, Brushwork, and Color Techniques”, 

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