What is Living Sea Sculpture?

Creating a World for Coral Reefs To Flourish

Living Sea Sculpture is an artistic organization which collaborates with scientific institutions, universities, researchers, private and public foundations, individuals, and all stakeholders to regenerate coral ecosystems for the health and sustainable economy of the planet and its inhabitants. 

Rather than artworks about ecology and conservation that derive inspiration from nature and the environment, Living Sea Sculpture is "art as ecology," designing with and for vibrant living plants and animals. Implementing contemporary concepts of biodesign and as an extension of the Bauhaus artistic movement for its vision to unite form and function. 

We design unique marine habitats and permeable breakwaters, taking action to promote ocean health through international collaborations, educational programs, and creative transdisciplinary projects reaching new audiences.

We use electro-accumulation to fortify reefscapes and provide life-supporting substrate for corals and biodiverse marine life. Original seascape compositions, both functional and artistic, evolve into large aquatic topiary-like habitat and attractions. 

These ocean installations complement all methods of coral restoration exploration in these dire times for endangered coral reefs. 

Were Passionate Advocates For Coral Reef Restoration


With coral reefs in deep decline from climate change, ocean acidification, development and run-off, pollution, overfishing, and disease, it’s a challenging design problem to meet the needs of these ancient organisms and all the species, including us humans, that depend on them for survival.   

Though showing some resilience in areas, coral reefs are in crisis from frequent bleaching events and increasing die-offs. Food, clean water, and coastal communities are in grave danger, not to mention all the wildlife at risk if they disappear.   


With our hands-on approach to this global epidemic, we implement the artistic method – sensory vision, playful imagination, and maker intelligence. Working in tandem with science, policy makers, businesses, and the general public, we build deeper connections, communicate, and inspire successful leaps towards real-world projects and actions that heal our oceans and ourselves.    

Future success requires building partnerships in regions ready to grow their own coral conservatory, sustainable fish farm, permeable breakwater, or one-of-a-kind Living Sea Sculpture.  Do you want to help restore a reef?    


Contact Colleen Flanigan if you would like to discuss volunteering or initiating a project. email: misssnailpail@gmail.com       

 phone: +1 (503) 887-7650   

Empowering originality for life-saving action through the Arts

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