Creating a World for Coral Reefs to Flourish

Why We Are Zoaistas


We have a vision for making a difference above and below the surface. 

In a world oftentimes overshadowed with doom and gloom about the future due to climate change, sea level rise, ocean acidification, and catastrophic disasters, we bring experiential art and interdisciplinary collaboration into the equation to solve complex world challenges - practical actions integrated with cultural shifts to create a world for coral reefs to flourish.

"Zoa" means animals of a specific kind, groups of living beings.

We're passionate and dedicated to designing unique marine habitats, combining traditional and digital fabrication to regenerate biodiverse coral reef ecosystems. 

Through curiosity and dedication to our wild ancestral architects, we aim to develop a new aesthetic + functional vocabulary for them to colonize and co-construct. 

Zoaistas create a world for coral reefs to flourish.

Join Us


There are many ways to join us and help support the movement. 

  1. Join the conversation. Follow our blogs and social media posts, share your thoughts, share your own projects and pictures, and tell us how you're being a Zoaista.

  2. Be a donor. You can donate as little or as much as you like to help support the maintenance of our current projects, research, advocacy, new technology, and new projects.

    We have several ways you can donate to fit your style, from automatic monthly donations to tax deductible donations.

  3. Have a great location and/or are able to assist in getting a new Living Sea Sculpture project in the water? Get in touch with us to collaborate on making it happen.