The Zoe Project Progress Summer 2019

Cleaning harmful algae from the artificial bio-art reef structure, documenting the corals, health, and progress of Zoe - A Living Sea Sculpture. 

The Zoe Project Progress January, 2019

Cleaning, care, monitoring, planting, and documenting the health and progress for Zoe - A Living Sea Sculpture.

The Zoe Project Progress Fall 2018

Monitoring and showing reef progress. 

Zoe Project Progress March & April 2018

March and April 2018 care and monitoring of Zoe - A Living Sea Sculpture

Zoe Project 2017

Located in Cozumel, Mexico, this steel underwater sculpture was created by Colleen Flanigan and an international team to regenerate endangered coral reefs. It is an electrified mineral accretion (aka Biorock) habitat to help enhance marine biodiversity in an area hard hit by hurricanes and pollution. At 4m deep,  you can visit by diving or snorkeling. 

Zoe Project Arrives at Puerto Cancun 2011

Living Sea Sculpture being delivered at Puerto Cancun. Due to permitting and location issues, it took until September 2016 to find its home and install Zoe - A Living Sea Sculpture in Cozumel, MX. Combining art and environmental science together for the revitalization of marine habitats. Watch this memorial coral refuge livestreaming at Living Sea Sculpture YouTube channel.

Artificial Reef Project Begins in Cancun 2011

Making of Zoe in Cancun
Colleen and an international team at Todo Inoxidable  begins building Zoe - A Living Sea Sculpture in 2011.