Fostering Life Above & Below the Surface


Colleen Flanigan artist building electrified coral reef regeneration structure  Living Sea Sculpture

Design & Build Art Formations for Endangered  & Damaged Coral Reefs


Diver transplanting coral on electrified reef regeneration art structure

Fostering Healthy Habitats for Coral Reef Restoration


Colleen Flanigan Artist TED talk about coral reef health

Bring Awareness & Advocacy to the Importance of Coral Reef Conservation

How We Do It


Contemporary Art As Coral Reef Rejuvenation Structures


Biology & Research for Healthy Coral Ecosystems


 Electrified BioStructures to Nourish Corals in Stressful Environments

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The Artist & Director

Artificial reef designer artist, bio-art, coral conservation,  eco-art. artificial reef bio-rock

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We Are Zoaista

group of people caring for earth's ecosystem, fostering life, community of people caring for earth

How Can We Creatively Influence Climate Change?

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