Staghorn Coral Pendant, Acropora Cervicornis

Staghorn Coral Pendant bronze coral necklace by artist Stacy Hopkins and Colleen Flanigan

Designers Stacy Hopkins of Scavenger Gallery & Colleen Flanigan of Living Sea Sculpture

50% goes to our coral restoration efforts 


Pendant -  Approx. L 2.5" x W .75"  

Strap - Adjustable up to 35" 


Bronze - color variations are a natural part of the patina process

Deerskin leather

Delivery Time: 

Please allow 14 days for delivery

Price: $150 (only 7 left in stock)

Purchase and checkout will be redirected to Stacy Hopkins Scavenger Gallery. 

Origin of Design

A former biologist with a dual interest in the arts, Stacy Hopkins of Scavenger Gallery in Vermont merges nature’s intensity into striking forms of jewelry. Many of her collections contribute to endangered species and land conservation.

Stacy and Colleen met in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, where Colleen was working on Zoe and a coral regeneration project with the National Institute of Fish and Aquaculture’s coral cultivation center. 

Upon hearing about the project, Stacy was inspired to contribute through the creation of her nature inspired jewelry. 

As they both discussed their mutual interests in art and science, they realized they had common dreams of supporting endangered ecosystems.

The “Staghorn coral pendant, Acropora Cervicornis” was born from this effort; the piece itself being a lost wax casting from these pioneering mineral accretion experiments to regenerate living coral.

This casting  is from an experiment related to research for Living Sea Sculpture, Zoe, and coral cultivation in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef

Each pendant is a symbol of natural beauty. Everyone who wears this pendant helps support the vision of a world where coral reefs are healthy, protected, and thriving.

Thank you for supporting the restoration of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.

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